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    Boosters has been supporting Ukraine and condemning the War that Russia has started

    Stand with Ukraine

    On February 24, 2022, at 4 AM, the Russian army invaded the sovereign and independent territory in the center of Europe – Ukraine. Boosters is a company with Ukrainian roots, so we cannot keep silent.

    In 2014, Russia annexed part of the most identity parts of Ukraine – the Crimean Peninsula and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. We asked for help from the World, but the World was silent. For eight years, the Ukrainian army was doing everything possible to hold back the enemy, and they were handling it well.

    But on February 24, everything changed – Russia launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. If the world remains silent, the aggressor army will soon reach the territories of NATO and Europe.
    During the war, thousands of Ukrainian civilians were killed, dozens of cities were destroyed, and several million of our fellow citizens were forced to seek asylum worldwide.
    Today, part of the Universe team is in bomb shelters in different parts of the country, and some have temporarily gone abroad. We don’t know when we can get together again, but we dream of this moment every day.

    As soon as our team and their relatives were in safe places, we resumed business processes. Because a business that worked during the war is significant support of the state. A functioning economy can buy weapons for the military, ensure the evacuation of civilians, and provide humanitarian assistance to those the enemy has occupied for more than a few weeks.

    In addition, we have decided to resume the process of hiring talented professionals to provide jobs for those in need. Donation for charity has become a daily routine for everyone from our team and the company as a whole – we donated to the charity found “Back Alive” in the first days of the war.
    But this is not enough to stop the enemy and support Ukraine during an aggressive and unjust War. Therefore, we ask you to help us to survive and preserve the future of Ukrainian children.

    What can you do?

    Transfer the amount acceptable to you to the accounts of verified charity organizations. As is known, donations in small amounts of 20/50/100 hryvnias are the most effective for raising millions.

    Ukrainian Military

    Ukrainian Military


    Help to the Ukrainian Army
    Red Cross Ukraine

    Back Alive


    Charity fund to help veterans and military
    Red Cross Ukraine

    Red Cross Ukraine


    Support refugees and those who’ve lost their homes

    By supporting Ukraine, you help preserve peace in the whole world!


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    Ukraine, where Russia just started war, is home to Boosters. We ask you to join us and #StandWithUkraine.
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